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Site selection starts here.

Midwest Partnership EDC is your source for site selection information in West Central Iowa. To assist your search, we will help you analyze all of the vital factors that matter when finding the perfect place for business.

  • We help you assess your access to railways, interstates, state highways and utilities including power, fiber optics, technology and water.
  • Explore our database of available sites and buildings in the two-county region to find the solution that’s right for your business.
  • We can help provide you with the data you need to perform an accurate cost analysis of doing business in the region – especially as it compares to the cost of business elsewhere.

A place to grow your business.

Looking for an existing building with ample parking? Maybe a small retail business with living quarters above it? Available land to custom build a plant next to a major roadway with room for expansion? No matter what property your business needs to locate or expand your operations, the professionals at Midwest Partnership will work hard to help you find it. Check out our featured properties as well as all of the buildings and sites that are available in our two-county region. The featured maps will give an overview of the infrastructure and connectivity for the region.

A place to build your home.

Looking for an empty lot to build your new home? Or maybe you’re a contractor wanting to build several homes or housing projects? Either way, the Midwest Partnership Region offers a variety of different options. Contact us today to discuss the possibilities or check out the information on current housing initiatives.

All Saints Addition (Stuart)

Cameron Flats (Guthrie Center)

Crawford Addition (Adair)

Wambold Addition (Stuart)