Our Board of Directors

* Denotes Executive Committee

Dennis McClain

Adair-Casey/Guthrie Center Community Schools
Guthrie Center (Guthrie County)

Charlie Dunn

Farmers Electric Cooperative
(Adair County)

Julie Zajicek

Panora State Bank
Panora (Guthrie County)

Kristen Renslow

City of Stuart
Stuart (Guthrie County)

Scott Tonderum*

Greenfield Municipal Utilities
Greenfield (Adair County)

Jerry Sullivan*

Farmers State Bank
Yale (Guthrie County)

Douglas Burns

Guthrie County Vedette
Panora (Guthrie County)

Marty Doud

First State Bank
Stuart (Guthrie County)

Everett Grasty

Guthrie County Supervisor
Stuart (Guthrie County)

Stacie Hull

Greenfield Chamber/Main Street & Development
Greenfield (Adair County)

Cheryl Marks

Rolling Hills Bank
Stuart (Adair County)

Mike Underwood*

Guthrie County State Bank
Guthrie Center (Guthrie County)

Matt Wedemeyer*

Adair County Supervisor
Casey (Adair County)
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