POSITION:  Executive Director


REPORTS DIRECTLY TO:  Midwest Partnership Executive Committee and Board of Directors 

Basic Information

  1. Economic Development:  Plans, organizes and provides direction to supporting and furthering the mission, goals, and strategic plans of Midwest Partnership Corporation.  Develops, implements, and monitors a process to identify, address, and assist the needs of existing and new industrial, commercial, and retail organizations as well as applicable community, county, federal and state organizations in order to support and enhance economic development in the Midwest Partnership region.    


  1. Employee / Staff Development:  Provides leadership, direction, and guidance in order to accomplish organization’s mission, goals, and expectations.  This includes hiring, firing, maintaining discipline, providing training, and evaluating employees as necessary.   


  1. Business Operations:  Identifying, planning, organizing, and managing available resources (human, financial, and capital) in order to provide a safe and efficient operation which minimizes risks and costs and maximizes revenue while striving to meet Midwest Partnership’s mission, goals, and strategic plans identified by the Board of Directors and Executive Committee.  This is accomplished by following organization policies, standards, and procedures; recommending and establishing budgets; recruiting and maintaining members; developing and recommending short and long term goals; addressing, correcting, and reporting potential problems; and establishing and implementing action plans, for all issues relating to the operations of Midwest Partnership.


  1. Marketing Operations:  Identifying, planning, organizing, communicating, and managing all areas pertaining to marketing and/or advertising of Midwest Partnership’s services and capabilities.  This is accomplished by continual, regular contact with stakeholders, members, and other local, regional, and national organizations and government entities, and by continual and regular utilization of the various forms of media.  


  1. To continually advance his/her knowledge of organization policies and procedures, best management practices relating to executive director and economic development responsibilities, and other work practices that enhance performance and job satisfaction.  



  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Public Administration, Finance, Economic Development, or a related field. 

  2. Three (3) years of related work experience, preferably in economic development, community development or commercial development. 

  3. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

  4. Have knowledge of computers and be proficient in Microsoft Office (Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Excel)

  5. Have specific knowledge in administrative management principles and practices regarding economic development work.

  6. Management skills to work with staff, volunteers, existing industries, and industrial prospects.

  7. Must have a friendly, outgoing personality, possessing a neat, professional appearance. 

  8. Experience interacting with local government entities and knowledge of municipal development process preferred. 


How to Apply

Send email and cover letter to 

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