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Midwest Partnership, an economic development corporation serving Adair and Guthrie counties in West Central Iowa, is the region’s leading facilitator for the retention, expansion and attraction of business to create jobs and grow the tax base.

Site selection starts here.

Midwest Partnership EDC is your source for site selection information in West Central Iowa. To assist your search, we will help you analyze all of the vital factors that matter when finding the perfect place for business.

  • We help you assess your access to railways, interstates, state highways and utilities including power, fiber optics, technology and water.
  • Explore our database of available sites and buildings in the four-county region to find the solution that's right for your business.
  • We can help provide you with the data you need to perform an accurate cost analysis of doing business in the region - especially as it compares to the cost of business elsewhere.

Midwest Partnership is here for you.

Large or small, we have a variety of existing industries in the region and we are committed to your success. Turn to us for help with:

  • Funding - We will assist your business with information about funding programs as well as the application process for securing funding.
  • Training - Let us connect you to training resources available from the state of Iowa, our local community colleges or other specialized training programs.
  • Regulatory Assistance - Look to us to help you understand all the regulatory issues related to doing business in your industry.
  • Infrastructure - We have the details you need regarding railway service, interstate and state highway access, and local utilities.

Midwest Partnership EDC is your source for everything you need to know about living and doing business in West Central Iowa.

Our objectives are to:

  • Assist existing industries and businesses with retention/expansion needs
  • Support entrepreneurs and small business owners
  • Partner with communities and local groups involved with tourism, housing, commerce planning, and more
  • Assist businesses with funding programs and applications
  • Communicate economic development news to members and partners
  • Facilitate the development and attraction of a skilled workforce
  • Pursue strategies to recruit businesses to the area


Everything we do at Midwest Partnership is guided by our core values. 


We exist to serve our region by providing connections to resources and assistance to our businesses and communities quickly and efficiently.


As residents of our region, we are invested in the success of the work we do every day. Our work raises our quality of life. We are dedicated to the economic development for our region.


We are the leaders for the creation and discovery of new and innovative resources and partnership opportunities essential to our stakeholders.


Whether working with a start-up or a national corporation, we view opportunities with a spirit of entrepreneurship, continually evaluating and implementing new ideas to create success.

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