We are the region’s leading facilitator for the retention,
expansion and attraction of business to create jobs and grow the tax base.


Service – We exist to serve our region by providing connections to resources and assistance to our businesses and communities quickly and efficiently.

Dedication – As residents of our region, we are invested in the success of the work we do every day. Our work raises our quality of life. We are dedicated to the economic development for our region.

Collaboration – We are the leaders for the creation and discovery of new and innovative resources and partnership opportunities essential to our stakeholders.

Entrepreneurship – Whether working with a start-up or a national corporation, we view opportunities with a spirit of entrepreneurship, continually evaluating and
implementing new ideas to create success.


We work to create a diversified regional economy that offers options to area residents and businesses by following our organizational priorities.

  • Assist existing businesses with retention/expansion needs through exposure to funding programs, help with applications and information on other resources. 
  • Support entrepreneurs and small business owners by providing access to tools and expertise to aid their growth.
  • Partner with communities and local groups involved with tourism, housing, commerce planning and other quality of life improvements to ensure businesses can attract and retain a diverse workforce.
  • Communicate economic development news to members and partners to keep region informed of new opportunities.
  • Facilitate the development and attraction of a skilled workforce by partnering with businesses, communities and schools to create job training programs and awareness of regional career opportunities.
  • Pursue strategies to recruit businesses to the area through networking with existing businesses and collaboration with state economic development contact.
  • Assist communities to identify and overcome barriers to retention, expansion and attraction of businesses.