Open House

POET-Coon Rapids celebrates 15 years since the ethanol plant opened in 2002. An open house was open to the public and the Coon Rapids Enterprise featured stories leading up to the event. Read more »

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GMU staff members are, from left: Steve McCann, Craig Ford, Maxwll Brashear, Jessica Foster, Jason Bruce, Twyla Faust, Jared Masker, Dixie Dingman, Jonathan Pilgreen and Scott Tonderum.

Greenfi eld Municipal Utilities is celebrating its 125th anniversary Friday, June 12, 2-6 p.m. The public is invited to 202 S. First St. to meet the GMU staff and join tours that will leave from there and go to the electric and water facilities. Read more »

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Earlier this fall, the Coon Rapids city council voted to accept ownership of the former Syngenta Quality Assurance lab and production office. The action was at the recommendation of the Coon Rapids Development Group, CRDG, which has pledged its efforts to market the building to a potential new buyer who could utilize the facility and hopefully create new jobs. In this effort, they are hosting an open house next Thursday, November 6 from 4:30—6p.m. for local residents to come and walk through the facility to see how important it is to find a suitable owner. Read more »

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