new owners
Alicia (left) and Richard “Ski” Ciesielski have bought Guthrie Center’s Midway Motel from Sharon
Tharp (center), after the business spent more than 40 years in Tharp’s family.

The Midway Motel in Guthrie Center has been in the Tharp family for 43 years. Now, instead of closing, the motel is under new ownership with Guthrie Center connections. Alicia and Richard "Ski" Ciesielski purchased the motel from Sharon and Verlin Tharp. Read more »

Guthrie Center Guthrie Center Times Guthrie County Midway Motel motel new owners


The Wash House and the Storehouse in Fontanelle now have new owners: Chris and Tracy Baudler. Read more »

Adair County Fontanelle Fontanelle Observer new owners

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