Landus Cooperative

New video series details how locally-manufactured SoyChlor® keeps global dairy herds healthy and profitable
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Greene County Jefferson Landus Cooperative SoyChlor video series


​Landus Cooperative officially was established Friday with a final merger agreement between West Central Cooperative and Farmers Cooperative. Read more »

Farmers Cooperative Landus Cooperative Merger West Central Cooperative

The merger between Farmers Coop. and West Central Coop. creates the nation’s 7th-largest ag cooperative. West Central Coop. has an 80 year history and was headquartered in Ralston for many years.

The leaders of Ralston-based West Central Cooperative and Farmers Cooperative Co. in Ames inked a final merger agreement today, making the newly formed Landus Cooperative the seventh-largest grain company in North America. Read more »

Daily Times Herald Farmers Cooperative grain company Greene County Guthrie County Landus Cooperative Merger Ralston West Central Cooperative

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