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A Huxley-based property developer key in the reshaping of Ames’ residential stock in the last decade has announced plans to build 12 town homes and 16 to 32 apartment units in Jefferson near the water tower in the western part of the Greene County seat. Read more »

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It was Reinhart, a Guthrie Center native and lawyer at Bruner, Bruner, Reinhart & Wunschel Law Firm in town, who sparked movement in improving the housing at the city’s annual development meeting last spring. Roger Underwood, who was at that development meeting, went to bed that night and woke with an idea to find 20 investors to each write a check for $5,000 in helping take a risk and build a house at Cameron Flats. There were no guarantees with what would happen with that money, but after a surge of support, the project moves forward--celebrated by a groundbreaking event. Read more »

Guthrie Center Guthrie County Housing Development


Residents of rural towns in Iowa and around the nation see new housing as an important tool to attracting and retaining residents, maintaining school enrollments and keeping their communities on the map. In some towns, residents and officials are getting creative, trying new methods of attracting new home construction. Read more »

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