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The annual Jefferson-Scranton football clinic was attended by some 800 coaches from Iowa and nearby states. Read more »


The city of Jefferson recently received word of the success of its application for additional housing funds from the Iowa Department of Economic Development. Read more »


First National Bank recently donated $25,000 for the Greenfield Sports Complex. Read more »


Community Care Center Foundation in Stuart had a thought about one-and-one half years ago to create a Hospice room. Read more »


"We can always use more investors," Summerset Enterprises, Inc. President Larry Raper says of the Nodaway Valley Market in Fontanelle. Read more »


The Scranton City Council approved a pass-through agreement with RAGBRAI at the meeting held on February 26. Read more »


The City of Stuart has been awarded a Community Development Block Grant in the amount of $500,000 for waste-water treatment plant improvements. Read more »


The Greene County Habitat for Humanity board has received a substantial donation in the amount of $10,000 from the Jefferson Telephone Co. Charitable Trust. Read more »


The Yale Community Club has kicked off its donation program to raise funds needed to build a new community building. Read more »


Hawkeye Energy, a leading ethanol producer, is excited to be opening a new ethanol plant in Menlo. Read more »


The Empowering Adair County Foundation awarded $7,762.29 to six different groups. Read more »


Get to know Nancy Smith, Office Manager for Lake Panorama Realty. Read more »


Guthrie County's venture into a Geographical Informational System (GIS) is on-line for residents to view via the Internet. Read more »


PRIDE has established a Revolving Loan Fund. Read more »


The Raccoon River Valley Trail (RRVT) Association held its first membership banquet Saturday, Feb. 23. Read more »


Agri Drain was one of the stops on a manufacturing Career Adventure Trip organized through the Nodaway Valley AmeriCorp porgram and Adair County Extension. Read more »


Agriculture's Clean Water Alliance (ACWA) is supporting a tile line bioreactor pilot project in the Raccoon River watershed in 2008. Read more »


Two Guthrie County entities were recognized recently by the Iowa Concrete Paving Association. Read more »


Nichols Farms, Bridgewater, has been recognized nationally by the American Angus Association for having 25 registered Angus cows included in the Associations 2008 Pathfinder Report. Read more »


First and second graders at Jefferson elementary experienced the music and drama of opera when OPERA Iowa visited the school Feb. 15. Read more »

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