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Directors and officers of Panora Telco said they'd always admired the people and business community of Guthrie Center and when the company approached about bringing communication services to the city, they were enthused about being a part of the future of such a strong community. Read more »


Iowa Interstate Railroad has begun testing the use of biodiesel blends for possible future use in its locomotives, Progressive Railroading reported today. The magazine said is working with the Newton-based Central Iowa Energy plant, which is soon to be consolidated with Renewable Energy Group. Read more »


The Board of Iowa Power Fund has approved $2.5 million loan to SynGest for construction and operation of a bioammonia plant scheduled to be built next year near Menlo. The final terms are subject to negotiations. Read more »


Matt Deppe says he has a big task ahead of him as soon as the new regional extension education director for Iowa State University Extension Region 18. It's the state's largest region geographically under a restructuring that took effect Aug 1. Read more »


At its annual celebration dinner, the Rotary Club of Jefferson honored Gary Von Ahsen as its "Professional of the Year" Presenting the award on behalf of the club at a regular club meeting was outgoing president Norm Fandel. Read more »


The Raccoon River Valley Trail is celebrating its 20th anniversary this fall, and a special free event on Wednesday evening, September 16, in Perry, will showcase and celebrate the trail's history, as well as the current extension projects and possibilities. Read more »


Volunteer guests from St. Gregory's House in Bayard are painting buildings on Main Street as a community service project. On Sept 4, the men power washed and scraped buildings in the 300 block of Main Street. Read more »


Syngest CEO Jack Oswald was recently interviewed by Ken Root on WHO radio. Click link to listen to the interview. SynGest is planning to build a bioammonia facility between Menlo and Stuart using corn cobs and other biomass as part of a carbon neutral process. Read more »


The 2009 Walk for Pink was held by the Adair County Health Foundation. Seventy-five people signed up to walk on Saturday, September 12, 2009. Tiffany Johnson, Director of the Health Foundation, stated that over $1300 was raised with the Walk for Pink. Read more »


COON RAPIDS - A bison born into the herd at Whiterock Conservancy has been named Sergei in honor of Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev's son who returned to Coon Rapids to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of his father's historic visit. Read more »


The Wallace Centers of Iowa logo is unveiled during the announcement of the merger of the Country Life Center and the Wallace House Foundation. Wallace family members from all over the United States held a family reunion in Iowa from Aug. 20 to Aug 23. Read more »


New employees of Nodaway Valley Community School District had the opportunity to meet at a "Welcome Back" meeting on Wednesday, Aug 19. Read more »


It's called the Optimist Creek, a 10-station salvo not unlike the 10 commandments- each "creed" prefaced by the "to be..." saluation. Shortly after attending his first Greenfield Optimist meeting as a guest the summer of 1995, Gary studied the club's creed and found he agreed with - and was mostly closely the 6th paragraph. Read more »


Ray "Bubba" Sorenson was the feature and the featured artist at the Cultural Center during this year's Iowa State Fair. Read more »


New population estimates relaeased by the show of U.S. Census Bureau show three-quaters of Iowa's incorporated places lost population this decade. Read more »


The Midwest Partnership Development Corporation is pleased to congratulate Casey’s on their recent award. Casey’s has nine stores in the Midwest Partnership area, including in Adair, Fontanelle, Greenfield, Grand Junction, Guthrie Center, Panora, Jefferson, Scranton, and Stuart, Iowa Read more »


The Rural Business Enterprise Grant program helps finance new and existing businesses, as well as employment-related adult education programs. RBEG funds can be used for start-up and working capital loans, building and plant renovations, transportation improvements, project planning and other business needs. Read more »


The Board of the Iowa Power Fund has approved a $2.5 million loan to SynGest of Menlo Park, Calif., for construction and operation of a bioammonia plant to be built next year near Menlo. Read more »


Background: I grew on a farm in Carroll County. Read more »


U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley, visiting Greene County twice in three days last week, concentrated on the topic of health care during his remarks and the question-and-answer sessions that followed. Read more »

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