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The beginning of a large community effort was completed Friday, December 2, with the submission of 14 copies of the Jefferson Matters: Application to become a Main Street Iowa Community to the Iowa Department of Economic Development.

The Jefferson Matters: Main Street Application committee headed by Nancy Teusch and Chris Henning, with Reagan Osborne, Jamie Daubendiek, and Jody Lang, worked well into the night to assure all the required copies were delivered to Main Street Iowa in Des Moines, before a December 5 deadline.

The Jefferson Matters: Application is a culmination of over a year's work and hundreds of volunteer hours. The information in the application covered six important areas: community support, historic buildings, potential, demographics, previous history and readiness and required supporting information including market studies, historical and current photographs, census data, pledge documentation, detailed maps and a list of all historical buildings in the proposed Main Street district. Materials were written and assembled by a larger collaboration of dozens of community members, and included documents pledges from private and public sources amounting to $200,000 over a three year period and 45 letters of support, making a collective case for a Main Street designation.

Henning said "The strong and touching outpouring of support is more than we ever anticipated. We are happily overwhelmed by the response and fervently hope that this indicated a sure willingness to make Main Street succeed. We have so many reasons to celebrate Jefferson and Greene County."

The next step in the application process is a presentation to the Main Street Iowa directors in Des Moines on January 10 at 9:30 am. Jefferson will have one-half hour to convince the committee that Jefferson is indeed worthy of a Main Street designation. Teresa Cross and Reagan Osborne are heading up the effort.

Four other Iowa towns have submitted applications: Lansing, Keosauqua, Marion and Chariton. Governor Branstad will announce the final choices in early February.

Copies of the application will be available after the first of the year at city hall and the Jefferson public library and through a link on Facebook at and the website. If your year end plans include "extra" funds, donations and pledges are still being accepted at Jefferson Matters, 220 N. Chestnut, Jefferson IA 50126. -Jefferson Herald. Read more »


Sid Jones (left), president of Home State Bank, recently presented a check in the amount of $1,500 to Genesis Development. Terry Johnson, CEO of Genesis, accepted the contribution.

All donations made to Genesis are used to enhance programs and services provided by Genesis for people with intellectual, developmental, brain injury and chronic mental health disabilities. The current state of the economy and government cutbacks have seriously strained Genesis budgets and funding for those participating in Genesis programs making community support more important than ever.

As the economy continues to struggle, many community providers are finding it extremely difficult to meet financial challenges within their organizations. Some have been forced to close their doors leaving those in need of their services to find new providers.

"This has been a difficult time for all community providers," stated Johnson. "Genesis has had to make changes to weather the current financial climate, but creative solutions, our very competent and involved board of directors, our dedicated staff and community support have made it possible for Genesis to succeed where some agencies have failed."

Genesis began as a small sheltered workshop providing vocational training in Jefferson in 1973. The organization now has offices in 10 Iowa locations where they provide residential, vocational, transitional, mental health, payee and adult day services to more than 1,500 individuals each year. Genesis employs almost 70 people in Jefferson with 390 staff statewide.

Some who once would have been institutionalized and lived the rest of their lives in government-run state hospitals are now living in homes in the community and working at Genesis work centers. With Genesis assistance as needed, many people are living independently, earning wages at jobs in the community, and becoming contributing, active members of their communities.

For more information about Genesis services and their location, visit -Jefferson Herald Read more »


By Spring 2012, campers at Nations Bridge Park in Guthrie County will be able to decide how connected or disconnected they wish to be. With the addition of wireless internet, campers will be able to connect to the internet in portions of the campground, according to Joe Hanner, director of Guthrie County Conservation Board.

"Over the past two or three years, about 80% of the calls we got from campers that are considering our campground, ask about internet access," said Brad Halterman, natural resources manager for Guthrie County. "And that makes sense, since campers are doing so many things at our park- kayaking, biking, picnicking, camping and hiking; they want access to up-to-date information about river levels, flow rates, and many other online resources."

The internet is being provided through three companies that have partnered together: Panora Telco, Iowa Network Services and FMPSG Partnership of Des Moines.

Halterman stated a significant amount of campers come from outside of the local area, many from Omaha and Des Moines. Since the campground is nearby to Interstate 80, many find and use the campground on their way to other locations.

"This really goes back to the customers and what they are looking for in their camping experience," said Hanner. "It allows them to have a more high quality stay and that is what we want for them, to enjoy the outdoors and to use technology to help them plan or enjoy their time even more."

"We are so pleased with this project because it allows us to stay current with technology," continued Hanner. "In the last five to seven years, campers' needs have changed dramatically. Just about everyone that comes may want to be online, even if only for a few minutes a day. It is a big deal to our park users, so it is a big deal to us too."

Nations Bridge Park is located five miles north of Stuart and 10 miles south of Panora on County Road P28.

For more information, contact Joe Hanner, Guthrie County Parks, 641-755-3061 or Andrew Randol, Panora Telco, 641-755-2424. -Stuart Herald Read more »


Stuart Police officer Ryan Harding was one of the 28 cadets graduating from the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy's 241st basic class on Friday, December 9. Ceremonies were held at the Saydel High School in Des Moines. Harding attended the 14-week academy training since September 2011.

"It's exciting to be back and continuing my career in law enforcement in Stuart," said Harding. He has been employed with the Stuart Police Department since August 2010.

"I am glad to see Ryan graduate and come back to work with us. He was a great officer before attending the academy, and I am confident he will only improve now that he is certified," stated Stuart Police Chief David Reha. All three Stuart officer are now fully certified. - Stuart Herald. Read more »


A pair of large rooftop heating and cooling units were recently replaced at the Greene County Community Center. PACE provided $15,255 in funding and the remaining $15,255 was paid for through the city of Jefferson's share of motel/hotel tax revenues.

PACE is a non-profit organization that was established to support the construction and future success of the Community Center. The Community Center exists due to the generosity of hundreds of businesses and individuals from Greene County and beyond who saw the benefits such a facility could provide.

As fundraising was done for the construction of the Community Center, additional funds were set aside to assure the facility would not become a burden to Jefferson taxpayers. The PACE board- president Chris Durham, John Gerken, Dave Hoyt, Sharon Towers and Bruce Bahnson- oversees those funds and their use.

Other PACE-funded improvements at the Community Center have included replacing the carpet and weatherproofing the exterior surfaces of the building. -Jefferson Herald Read more »


The Greene County Soil and Water Conservation District will be selling trees this spring. Orders are being taken now through February 27 at the office located at the NRCS Office at the USDA Service Center in Jefferson or by calling 515-386-3817.

Trees will be delivered the first part of April. An actual date will be determined closer to spring. Availability is not guaranteed so order early. This would be a great time to get your trees for a windbreak.

The SWCD also has REAP (Resources Enhancement and Protection Program) cost-share funding available to help pay up to 75% of a windbreak, not to exceed $1,500. Please stop in the office or call for details. -The News Gazette Read more »


West Central recently donated funds to the Jefferson fire department to purchase four radios costing $605 each. The radios will be placed in Jefferson fire trucks to comply with the upcoming change to a narrow bandwith. The FCC is requiring all public safety and industrial/business licensees using 25khz VHF and UHF radio systems to migrate to a minimum 12.5khz efficiency. The new radios replace current radios that do not comply with the new standards. -Jefferson Herald Read more »


Adair County seems to be a very windy county, especially looking west, with Mid-American Energy's windfarms. Stuart has had a tower to supply the town for years. There is one north of Greenfield, called Wolverine and one north of Orient, called Bulldog, both have been running for a little over a year, producing 1.5 megawatts each, the power going to the Farmers Electric System in the Greenfield and Orient area.

Two more turbines are under construction for an early 2012 start up, one for the Wiota area on the Farmers Electric system in Cass County, and the Forward Fontanelle Project for the town of Fontanelle.

Meetings were held for potential investors, the investment capital from shareholders was raised in the turbine communities and the turbines have been purchased, to be delivered around Christmas. Both are 1.6 MW high efficiency turbines.

Another possibility is a "twin" project to Wolverine and Bulldog, called Meadow Ridge, located near Wolverine tower; and Cumberland Rose, near the Bulldog tower.

Greenfield is discussing a 1.6 MW GE high efficiency turbine, which should supply power for over 400 average homes in Greenfield. This will make Greenfield truly a "green" town.

Altogether, the seven towers will have a capacity of producing 11 megawatts (MW)of power, the annual production of around 40 to 42 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year, enough for 3,000 homes and businesses, a generation of $2,000,000 in revenues.

The Greenfield Municipal Utilities Board met on Tuesday morning to discuss the project. Before the meeting, Duane Armstead, general manager of the Greenfield Municipal Utilities, told (sic) that they are looking at costs, trying to decide if buying the energy is feasible for Greenfield.

Randy Caviness said that if the GMU board approves, a contract with GE could be signed for the turbine purchase this week. The reason for the urgency is that a 1603 Treasury Grant is set to expire at the end of 2011. Five per cent of the project cost will need to be spent to preserve the grant for 2012 construction.

The 1603 Treasury Grant is part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, which won't be renewed. It provides a grant of 30% of eligible cost, tax free to the entity building the projects.

With the addition of the "twins project" and the tower for Greenfield, the capacity of all seven towers will be 11 MW of power, with annual production around 40-42 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year, enough power for 3,000 homes and businesses, generating over $2,000,000 in revenue.

Members of the community can become a shareholder of any of the three newest projects. Each LLC (tower) will have 34 shareholders, selling for $35,000 each, depending on the final numbers and project. Each share will be eligible for $73,500 worth of depreciation on their federal tax return over the next few years and up to $2500 per year for ten years on each members Iowa tax return. "This is a tremendous opportunity for the community to come together and build and own their own power generation system, getting great tax incentives worth far more than the original investment," Caviness said. For example, just one $35,000 share would give one $73,500 worth of depreciation off the Federal income tax return and $2,500 per year off the Iowa tax return for 10 years for $25,000 in maximum credits.

By press time, it is hoped 34 shares will be offered for the Greenfield, Meadow Ridge and Cumberland Rose turbines, making a total of 34 shares on each turbine. If two or more parties want to pool funds to purchase a single share, it can be done by those parties forming a limited liability company (LLC), making it possible to invest and receive the benefits.

The turbines should pay for themselves in about 10 years, providing long term income to investors once the turbine is paid for. Each project costs $3,000,000. The final net benefits to the community include $26,000 in property tax to the county per turbine, for $182,000 per year; $900,000 in state tax credits per turbine, over $6,300,000; $2,500,000 Federal tax depreciation per turbine, $17,500,000. With a total investment of $21,000,000 for 7 turbines, $6,300,000 worth of stimulus money brought to our community, $2,000,000 worth of clean, renewable power to our community each year.

There will be a meeting at the old Chamber building on Thursday, December 22, 1:30 to tell interested investors about the projects. "It's a big deal, a big boost to the local community. With less to pay in taxes, people have more money to spend on incidentals, this is good for everyone," Caviness said. -Adair County Free Press Read more »


You might think you're in Santa's workshop at the North Pole if you stop by Karla Cain's office at the Family Development Center for Guthrie County New Opportunities. Boxes of toys line the hallway, desks are covered with dolls and teddy bears, a stack of Candy Land games three feet high leans against the wall, and toy tractors, cars, and trucks are piled wherever there is room.

The toys, destined for county children, were all donated, with the vast majority of them coming from the U. S. Marine Corps' Toys for Tots Program.

"All the toys just came in from a warehouse in Des Moines," commented Cain Tuesday while trying to find a way back to her desk. "But we also have local donors, including individuals from the community, the schools and Dollar General."

Cain estimates nearly 150 county families will benefit from the toys. -Guthrie Center Times Read more »


Brett Irlmeier of Audubon, Chair of Audubon County Community Foundation, reminds Audubon County nonprofit organization that $95,000 in grant funds are available and that applications are due no later than February 1, 2012. Detailed application procedures, fact sheets and a link to the- application form can be obtained online at http;// Applications will be accepted only through the online system. Contact any board member for additional information. Please contact Dennis Nissen at 800-794-3458 or, or Denise Cardos at with grant-specific questions. All completed applications will be considered at the March board meeting with notification of results in early April.

Only organizations providing charitable services in Audubon County are eligible. They must be able to demonstrate broad community/county support and supply a copy of their 501(c)(3) IRS determination letter. Requests for general operational funds will not be considered.

Board members of the Audubon County Community Foundation are, Chair, Brett Irlmeier of Audubon, 712-563-2644; Vice Chair, Larry Beckendorf of Exira, 712-268-5331; Secretary/Treasurer, Thomas Nielsen of Audubon, 712-563-2742; Joanie Heuton of Kimballton, 712-773-5291; Jonnie Meislahn of Audubon, 712-563-2009; Jay Nelson of rural Brayton, 712-549-2277; and Daryl Olsen, DVM, of Audubon, 712-563-2080. Read more »


Advantage Insurance in Jefferson recently welcomed Carol Vileta and Amy Minnihan as new employees.

Vileta is an account manager. She is a fully licensed insurance agent handling personal and commercial lines including home, auto, farm and umbrella policies. She has been a licensed agent since 2004. She anticipates becoming licensed for crop insurance next month.

She has two grown children and two grandchildren. She recently moved to Jefferson from Algona. "I'm looking forward to meeting to new people, especially our Advantage customers, and to learning more about Jefferson and the Greene Country rural area," Vileta said.

Minnihan is currently a customer service representative, assisting customers with their insurance questions. She expects to become fully licensed in personal and commercial lines in January.

She previously worked as the director of a child development center in Ankeny. She has recently relocated to rural Paton with her husband and her daughter. "I'm excited to get to know our customers and to help with their insurance needs. I enjoyed my previous employment and am very excited about this new chapter in my career," Minnihan said. -The Bee Read more »


After 143 volunteers logged a total of 3,337.5 hours over a 97-day period (90 of which were without a porta-potty) Audubon County's first Habitat for Humanity home is finished. Volunteers and organizers held a moving dedication ceremony for homeowner Lanette Black and her family on November 30.

Pastor Jud Stover of the United Methodist Church in Audubon led the majority of the service. Stover laughed, "It wasn't a lot of fun working through the mud and rain and smashed thumbs, but they (volunteers) kept coming back and pushing through. Their goal was to serve and follow through with the commitment they had made. These houses aren't just given away, they require a lot of work and commitment and it's that spirit that carried this through. I think I speak for everyone when I say we have such a great feeling of accomplishment. Lanette, welcome to the community."

Dan Renneke, Chairman of the Board for Western Iowa Habitat for Humanity also spoke. The Black home is the 13th home he has had a hand in building for Western Iowa HFH. "The person responsible for this project is probably sitting next to you, as each and every person here and many others had a hand in creating this. For years to come, people can drive by and say with pride,'I had a hand in that.' So, congratulations to all of you." He added, "Actually, Pastor, it was fun. I've never had so much fun. I've never laughed so hard and actually, you forget you're doing work."

Julie Rasmussen, the volunteer coordinator for the project gave several awards and commendations, including honoring John Herron, an Exira-Elk Horn Kimballton high school student who personally logged 80.5 volunteer hours on the project. Students from the Exira-Elk Horn Kimballton Leadership Club, as well as two students from Audubon High School were also commended for their volunteer service.

Rasmussen stated "When a young person decides to volunteer and help, knowing that their schedules are already crazy with school and sports, its really something to be commended."

Rasmussen also recognized other businesses and individuals. "Angie (Williams- family sponsor) and I sat down and started listing people who needed recognized,we wondered, 'Where do we stop?' There are so many people who need thanked," she said. Those receiving acknowledgments (in addition to those already mentioned) included: Mathisen Tree Service, Jensen Excavating, Erica Johnson, Nicholas Schlichte, Betsy Carter, Twin Construction, Bill McGuire, Ray Herron, Remsburg Service and Williams Welding-Rod and Angie Williams.

Angie Williams said "Throughout this whole project I've felt that its just pretty awesome to be able to volunteer and to be able to help someone else, because you never know when you might need it!"

Black was given a Bible and the keys to her new home with plans to start moving in immediately. She was visibly moved by the ceremony and humbled by the amount of people who helped. "I just want to say thank you to everyone. So many people helped, many of them strangers, and I just can't say enough. Thank you."

Western Iowa Habitat for Humanity will not rest long, as plans are already underway for their next home building project, this time in the city of Manning. -Audubon County Advocate Journal

Read more »


Kate Hoffman, a native of Hyannis, Neb., recently joined the staff at Audubon Manning Veterinary Clinic, as a small animal veterinarian.

Hoffman did her undergraduate studies at the University of Nebraska in Kearney and graduated from Iowa State University Vet Med School in 2010. Before coming to Audubon, Hoffman worked at the Southern Hills Veterinary Clinic in Red Oak, where she worked with both large and small species and the occasional "wild critter." She was married in the summer of 2011 and her husband, Pat, is also a practicing veterinarian.

She is most looking forward to settling into her new surroundings and new clinic. "I'm looking forward to being part of a great company filled with good people," stated Hoffman.

While she treats all sorts of animals, Hoffman admits that she is a "dog person" at heart. "I enjoy cats as well, but I love my dogs," she said. The Hoffmans have two dogs, Abby, a Visla, and Izzy, a German short-hair pointer. They also have three cats, Milo, Arnold and Marta. Hoffman grinned, "They are all named after our favorite clients."

Hoffman joined AMVC in mid November and is excited about how things at the clinic are going. "Things have been great so far. This is a very welcoming community and the people have been wonderful so far," she said. - Audubon County Advocate Journal Read more »


Life Care Pregnancy Center has announced the purchase of a building in Stuart to house their outreach ministry. Formerly Shepherd Realty, the building is located at 212 S. Division Street, and will be open for public viewing on Sunday, December 18 from 4 to 6 pm.

It was announced at a banquet on May 26, 2011, that the purpose of this ministry is to provide support for those who are facing unplanned pregnancies. At that time, they stated there was no other similar outreach in the 127 miles of the I-80 corridor from Des Moines to Council Bluffs. The theme of the organization is "Open Doors, Open Hearts."

For more information, go to or call Katie Taylor, 515-979-1410. -The Stuart Herald Read more »


In August, West Central unveiled details of its 2011 Photo Contest for cooperative members, customers, community citizens and any other camera toting photographers with an eye for rural and agricultural settings.

Entries were due by Friday, October 21, and were judged by a panel of public relations and communications experts from cooperatives across the U.S. Contest requirements asked that the photos be related to agriculture or rural lifestyle and limited submissions to three photos per person.

Judges selected 12 contest winning photos and those photos will be featured in West Central's 2012 corporate calendar. In addition, a 13th photo was selected as a "people's choice" winner.

The winning photos and photographers, in no specific order, are: "Dudley, Adair County Farm" by Maureen Hoskinson; "Ice Mail Box" by Phillip Fiedler; "Nighttime Turbines" by Cindy Lundy; "Old Barn" by Sarah Dorman; "When The Cows Come Home, Gibson's Road" by Chris Cornelius; "Rainbow over Farm and Field" by Dawn Thielen; "Spraying Time" by Mary Phillips; "Cows" by Lynn Richter; "Atop the Auger" by Marcus Fey; "Harvest All Rolled Up" by Nancy Bowman; "On the Farm with Art" by Louise Arter and "Winter Barn" by Shelly Brant. The people's choice award went to Erica Petty for her photo "Sitting in a Wagon". All contest winners will receive a West Central grab bag. -Adair News Read more »


The Greene County Chamber and Development is seeking nominations for the 2011 ABC Award to be presented at its annual meeting on Tuesday, January 10. Nominations are due Friday, December 9.

The ABC Award (Above and Beyond the Call) is presented annually to an individual or couple who through personal involvement, leadership qualities and unselfish giving of time and talent has positively affected activities or accomplishments beneficial to the community at large. Candidates in general should exhibit, but not limited by, the following characteristics:

Involvement in a broad spectrum of activities for community betterment.

1. Activities should not be essentially an extension of the nominee's business interests.

2. The nominee(s) should have exhibited leadership qualities.

3. The nominee(s) should have exhibited capabilities by initiating and carrying through on community projects.

4. The nominee(s) should possess characteristics of a nature to produce harmony and good will in promoting worthy projects.

Nomination forms are available at the Chamber office or online at They should be returned to the Chamber office by the close of business on the due date.

"Please consider nominating someone who has demonstrated these characteristics," said a Chamber spokesperson. "This recognition is an opportunity to thank those who improve the quality of life for everyone around them." -Scranton Journal Read more »


Adair County Extension announces that Deb Hall has stepped down as their executive director effective November 28. "The Council accepted Deb's resignation with deep regret. Extension has grown in Adair County in almost every respect under her leadership. She has done a superb job of helping the county program stay strong after the restructuring of Extension that eliminated all state and federal Extension funds from the county," shares Randy Caviness, Extension Council Chair. "She has been a great advocate for the people of Adair County," he adds.

Hall cited the desire to spend more time with her family and the chance to pursue volunteer interests in her resignation letter to the Extension Council. She has worked for the Extension system for thirty-three years. Prior to joining the Adair County team she served as the Adams County Extension Director, SW Iowa Youth Field Specialist, Iowa 4-H Agriculture Curriculum Specialist, and 4-H Curriculum Specialist and Assistant Professor in Agriculture Education at the University of Nebraska. Hall has worked in Adair County for the past 18 years. Although Hall will no longer be serving as Executive Director, she will continue to work with Adair County youth as a quarter-time AmeriCorps member. Her responsibilities will focus primarily on teen leadership and service learning. "Deb's ability to empower others is one of her many strengths, so we are extremely pleased she will continue to work with our future leaders," according to Caviness.

The Council took action at the November meeting to restructure the Executive Director position. Angie Engles will assume the responsibility of office manager along with her duties as program coordinator for families. Her new responsibilities will include working directly with the Extension Council on developing and implementing an overall plan of action to meet the needs of Adair County resident. "We feel fortunate to have someone with Angie's experience and skills to assume administrative responsibilities. She has a true passion for serving others and is committed to the concept of linking the citizens of Adair County with research-based resources," according to Caviness. "Angie has been a key player in administering a number of our grant projects and has a solid understanding of our budget," he adds. He also pointed out that the existing relationships that Angie has with community agencies and organizations will help create a seamless transition.

The Council will begin an immediate search for a half-time youth development program leader. The position will focus on working with staff and volunteers to maintain and grow the 4-H and Youth program in Adair County. The group hopes to have someone on board by February. Donna Wallace will continue to serve as 4-H and Youth Program administrative assistant and Kathy Rohrig will continue to do the same with the agriculture program. Brandiann Wilson will continue in her role as full-time parent educator with the Growing Strong Families program. Savannah Ruby and Sam Lowry are part of the AmeriCorps staff team. Plans are to hire an additional 300 hour AmeriCorps member to assist with summer programming.

The Council also anticipates hiring a general administrative assistant once they fill the youth development program leader position. -Adair County Free Press

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Keep Iowa Beautiful (KIB) announces the winners of the first Keep Iowa Beautiful Photography Contest aimed at raising awareness of Iowa's natural and environmental beauty. KIB wants to learn what resonates with Iowans based on the photographs they share through this semi-annual photography contest.

FIRST PLACE: David Heuskinveld from Amana. Photo: East Amana Cow Call

SECOND PLACE: Eric Dorondo from Glidden. Photo: Fall Colors Stuart

HONORABLE MENTION: Colette Wassom Scott from Sheldon. Photo: Scott Prairie

Cash awards were presented to the first and second place winners and their photos will be featured on the KIB website:

The next deadline is May 1, and entries must be submitted electronically. The entry fee is $5 per entry and all entry fees will go toward contest cash awards and to support KIB's programs and services to Iowa communities. Entry guidelines and rules are available at

Keep Iowa Beautiful mission is to empower Iowans to make Iowa the cleanest and most attractive state in the nation. By working directly with Iowa communities, corporations and private citizens, KIB is building new citizen pride in caring for Iowa. -Scranton Journal

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In spite of colder weather, MidAmerican Energy continues to press ahead with the initial phase of the construction of 63 wind turbines in southwestern Guthrie County.

According to Guthrie County Assessor Rusty Pearson, the company is under deadline to complete the entire project by December 31, 2012 in order to receive government green energy grants.

"They are planning to work as long as the weather will allow to meet the deadline," explained Pearson Tuesday morning.

Pearson noted some earth moving has been completed and that a temporary concrete plant has been delivered.

The project was initialized by Clipper Windpower of California, but MidAmerican bought the rights to the project in documents signed August 19.

The massive towers will be 262 feet tall with a maximum blade tip height of 420 feet.

Initial project cost estimates of $206.5 million provided to then country assessor Barry Stetzel in August 2010 have been downgraded.

"My latest estimate from MidAmerican shows a total project cost of $189 million," explained Pearson.

Over ninety area landowners will be affected by the project footprint, some for actual turbine installation and others for transmission line access.

Pearson explained 30% of the total project cost will be tax assessable after seven years, meaning the project will add approximately $57 million to the county tax base in 2020. - Guthrie Center Times Read more »



Recognizing excellence in leadership and passion for economic development in the
Midwest Partnership Development Corporation region.
Guy Powell, past president of the Midwest Partnership Development Corporation and active volunteer on the board of many other area organizations, was passionate about local and regional economic development. He was a strong believer in the region’s potential. In recognition of his life-long dedication, commitment, and service, the Midwest Partnership Development Corporation has created the Guy Powell Award.

Businesses and individuals who are members in Midwest Partnership Development Corporation are encouraged to nominate individuals who stand out as outstanding leaders in this area of west central Iowa, and who work to make it a more economically vital place to live, work, and play.

The Nomination:

Those submitting nominations should consider:

o Vision
o Leadership
o Courage
o Impact

Information to include in the nomination is as follows:

o Name & Address of the Nominee (Person, group or business being nominated.)
o Name, Address & Phone Number of the Nominator (Person completing the nomination.)
o A brief statement (500 words or less) on how the nominee has made an impact on their local community and/or region through volunteer service.

The deadline to submit nominations is January 10 th, 2012. Mail or e-mail nomination form to:

Monica Cateron, Office Manager
Midwest Partnership Development Corporation
P.O. Box 537
Stuart, IA 50250
Read more »

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