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Grand Junction and Scranton have enrolled in the "Horizons" program, an 18-month effort focused on community leadership development to reduce poverty. Read more »


The city of Panora has made progress on its 2006 strategic goals. The goals included 6 major areas: drinking water quality, electric upgrades, building standards (both interior and exterior), competitive employee pay, creating a code to improve property aesthetics, and developing the downtown area. Read more »


"Take the Plunge" is the theme of the Stuart Aquatic Center fundraiser sponsored by MetaBank of Stuart, and initiated on Monday, Jan. 1. Read more »


The city issued 39 building permits in 2006 compared to 29 the year before. A dozen of these were for new buildings. Read more »


MicroSoy Corporation of Jefferson announced this week that it has reached an agreement with LIF Foods Inc. of Toronto, Canada, to distribute toasted soy flake products in the Canadian retail market. Read more »


The Raccoon River Valley Trail Association will host a one day workshop on tourism and economic development along the trail Saturday, February 17. Read more »


The Greene County Community Foundation (GCCF) has received a $67,250 state award for countywide grantmaking and endowment building. The payment is a result of state legislation passed in 2004. That act requires that 25 percent ($16,850) of the award be placed in the community foundation's permanent endowment. The Greene County Community Foundation has been organized since Jan. 31, 2005, and its board comprises more than 30 members from throughout the county. Read more »


The year-old philanthropic organization, Empowering Adair County Foundation, has been the financial boost for 23 county projects. All Adair County communities have benefited from the grant program, according to Diane Weiland from Adair County Extension. Read more »


The 56-mile Raccoon River Valley Trail (RRVT) is one of 36 trails across the U.S. that have been added this year to the roster of "National Recreation Trails" recognized by the National Park Service and the U.S. Department of the Interior. Read more »


West Central recently received an award of excellence for its communications efforts. The cooperative's 2006 Annual Report earned a first place award at the 2006 CHS Annual Meeting held in Portland, Oregon, November 30 and December 1. Read more »


Elwynn Taylor, Iowa State University extension climatologist, will lead off the program for the 2007 Guthrie County Crop Fair. Taylor will speak on the weather and crop outlook for 2007. Read more »


Guthrie County Public Health Nursing Service was named to the 2006 HomeCare elite, the inaugural compilation of the most successful homecare providers in the county. Read more »


For those who have ever given thought to where Adair County's 8,200 residents might work, or how each makes a living or even, how many miles a person might drive to get to a job can now rest. The Iowa Workforce Development has gone a long way in answering some of these questions with its 2006 laborshed analysis. Read more »


Greene County Development Corporation (GCDC) purchased Cedar Lane Estates (the former Greene county home) for $75,000 at the auction last Thursday morning in the board room of the courthouse. Posession will be given Jan. 22. Read more »


The city of Jefferson is working toward improving the downtown area to remain competitive with neighboring cities. Traffic numbers have changed through downtown since U.S. Highway 30 shifted to the north side of town many years ago. The city has the opportunity to enhance its dowtown distric to shop, work, and visit. Read more »


Further Fuels LLC, the company planning to build a 100 million gallon ethanol plant north of Grand Junction, has received authorization of state tax benefits totaling $8,263,000 from the Iowa Department of Economic Development (IDED). Read more »


The Guthrie County Conservation Board voted unanimously recently to resurface the Raccoon River Valley Trail from Panora south to near Linden during the 2007 construction season. Read more »


While Guthrie County Hospital is expanding physically, it also is expanding its influence on the local economny. Read more »


Yes, Scranton. There really is a Santa Claus. His name was H. F. Marchant. His gift gave you the ability to update and remodel the Scranton Public Library. Now it's up to you to finalize the deal and make it a reality. Read more »


Craig Hertel, Greene county Extension education director for Iowa State University, was honored for distinguished performance and educational contributions to clientele through ISU Extension programs and active coalitions at a statewide meeting held in Ames in early December. Read more »

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