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The newly proposed renovations at the Adair County Hospital in Greenfield will allow for an expanded pharmacy. Read more »


Answers to the questions were provided by the streetscape committee. Read more »


Figures from the Guthrie Center city clerk's office show building activity in 2006 was four times greater than 2005. Read more »


The newly proposed renovations at the Adair County Hospital lab in Greenfield will allow for a centralized location that will enhance timeliness, privacy and convenience. Read more »


The Caleris company, which opened its Jefferson facility in early 2005, is well into a sustained growth spurt. Read more »


Community Care Center has made a commitment to obtain a designated room for Hospice patients. Read more »


West Central Cooperative's Jefferson area regional manager Chris Nation met with Raccoon River Valley Trail Association respresentatives Carla Offenburger and Dan Towers on Monday to make a donation to the trail. Read more »


Fifty-six members of the Greenfield community activated the Horizons Community Leadership Program to Reduce Poverty when they met at the Greenfield City Hall meeting room Sunday afternoon, Jan. 21. Read more »


Two representatives of a California firm which last May began investigating the possibility of a local wind farm for electrical generation were in Guthrie Coutny last week to meet with zoning administrator Barry Stetzel who said he was impressed by the prospects. Read more »


There will be an all-new signage system in place this spring on the Greene county portion of the Raccoon River Valley Trail (RRVT), thanks to an $11,550 grant from the Jefferson Telephone Co. Charitable Trust. Read more »


Scranton and Grand Junction are on track to reverse economic and social decline and move toward hope and prosperity. Read more »


As 2006 ended, Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation (INHF) conveyed 1,886 conservation acres and $1.7 million to Whiterock Conservancy, after holding the assets as a bridging mechanism while this nonprofit land trust completed its start-up phase. Read more »


Adair County Health System is planning a renovation of its patient rooms and the addition of a family room. Read more »


The current Adair County Memorial Hospital renovation plans consist of building a west wing as well as upgrading and repairing portions of the existing building. Read more »


The board of directors of Midwest Partnership Corporation has developed an aggressive three year plan for the three-county economic development group which is headquartered in Stuart. Read more »


Grand Junction and Scranton have enrolled in the "Horizons" program, an 18-month effort focused on community leadership development to reduce poverty. Read more »


The city of Panora has made progress on its 2006 strategic goals. The goals included 6 major areas: drinking water quality, electric upgrades, building standards (both interior and exterior), competitive employee pay, creating a code to improve property aesthetics, and developing the downtown area. Read more »


"Take the Plunge" is the theme of the Stuart Aquatic Center fundraiser sponsored by MetaBank of Stuart, and initiated on Monday, Jan. 1. Read more »


The city issued 39 building permits in 2006 compared to 29 the year before. A dozen of these were for new buildings. Read more »


MicroSoy Corporation of Jefferson announced this week that it has reached an agreement with LIF Foods Inc. of Toronto, Canada, to distribute toasted soy flake products in the Canadian retail market. Read more »

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