West Central Coop Plans $27 Million Expansion


An expansion at West Central® Cooperative in Ralston will expand demand for soybeans and create at least 11 full time jobs. News of the $27 million, multi-year project was announced on June 3 by the company. 

Plans are to increase soybean processing capacity by 50 percent and build additional grain storage at its Ralston complex. At full capacity, the expansion would create demand for an additional six million bushels of soybeans each year.

“This plant expansion is important for our West Central stockholders and area growers as we demonstrate the difference with long-term investments that enhance demand, further diversify our business, and create opportunities to expand our global reach with additional volume,” explained West Central’s president and CEO, Milan Kucerak.

The firm currently operates a plant which produces Soy-Plus®, a high bypass protein dairy feed ingredient used across the world. The company plans to increase the current plant’s capacity by up to 50 percent with actual production coming online in phases. When complete, the construction project would include an additional line of mechanical presses, soybean oil treatment, load-out access, and nearly three million bushels of additional soybean storage. New production volumes are slated to be available as early as fall 2016.

“Our manufacturing staff are the key to success for our branded product line. Dairy customers trust SoyPlus for its proven quality and consistency,” said West Central’s executive vice president of animal nutrition Mark Cullen. “By bringing on hard-working, team-oriented employees before we even break ground, we can offer a robust training process in our current plant so our team is ready to deliver the same quality and consistency our customers expect when production in the expansion begins.”


Courtesy of The Scranton Journal, 6/10/15.

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