Wellendorf: From humble roots to thriving medical clinics

Dr. Tracey Wellendorf and Rebecca McCann, an advanced reigistered nurse practitioner, will be leading Wellendorf ENT's new clinic in Greenfield at the Adair County Health System. Dr. Tracey Wellendorf and Rebecca McCann, an advanced reigistered nurse practitioner, will be leading Wellendorf ENT's new clinic in Greenfield at the Adair County Health System.

A son of a small-town Iowa hardware store owner, Dr. Tracey Wellendorf in the last two decades has built a spectacularly successful medical practice in west-central Iowa.

He plans to bring the same ambition and vision to his new clinic at the Adair County Health System in Greenfield — one in which he blends the sort of common-sense work ethic he learned at the side of his father in Audubon with time-tested professional bona fides for the shape a growing practice, Wellendorf ENT, should take for patients with a host of ear, nose and throat-related maladies.

“I’m still a blue-collar worker, but I wear a white collar,” Wellendorf said.

Wellendorf does a wide variety of ENT procedures, including being one of the first in the area to do procedures such as balloon sinuplasty and coblation tonsillectomies. He has great success with the much less-invasive balloon sinuplasty procedure on adults and children.

Wellendorf ENT’s Adair County outpatient clinic opens June 8.

A big part of the clinic will be the regular presence of Greenfield resident Rebecca McCann, a advanced registered nurse practitioner, on Wellendorf’s growing staff of 20 professionals.

“She’s going to be there almost every week,” Wellendorf said. “That’s a big thing. I think we can bring a significant amount of business traffic into that hospital. I sure hope so.”

McCann sees the addition of the clinic as an asset for an already strong medical-services system in her home county.

“It’s going to benefit the hospital with surgeries, labs and X-rays,” McCann said.

Wellendorf ENT now has clinics in Carroll, Storm Lake, Ida Grove, Lake City, Sac City, Jefferson and Atlantic. Wellendorf will open a clinic in Denison in June as well.

The clinics provide a wide range of services, starting with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools. Once a diagnosis is determined, if needed, the clinic is able to perform a variety of procedures, using the newest technologies available. The clinic also performs skin-health exams and consultations, and carries a full line of skin-care products.

On-site surgeries will be part of the program for Wellendorf in Adair County. For example, patients with chronic sinus issues can undergo balloon sinuplasty. The bottom line: Wellendorf wants his clients to walk out the door breathing easier — literally.

“That’s the whole idea, quality of life,” he said.

Wellendorf is a graduate of Creighton University and the University of Iowa Medical School. He completed his ENT residency in Chapel Hill, N.C., before returning to his roots in rural Iowa.

A community-minded leader outside the walls of hospitals and clinics, Wellendorf served eight years on the Carroll City Council. First elected to the council in 1999, Wellendorf was elected again in 2003.

Wellendorf, and his wife, Jodi, both members of the Audubon High School Class of 1979, are long-time residents of Carroll and have two children who have gone through the Carroll schools. Kiley Wellendorf, a 2013 CHS alum, just completed her sophomore year at Buena Vista University, pursuing a media career. Ben Wellendorf, who graduated days ago from Carroll High School, plans to attend the University of Iowa and study biology and business.

About Rebecca McCann

Rebecca McCann of Greenfield is an advanced registered nurse practitioner, board-certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, and is licensed by the State of Iowa. Her scope of practice encompasses specialization in ENT-centered healthcare for children through adults.

McCann began her nursing career in 1994 in an emergency room setting and has logged over 20 years in that field of nursing. In addition to her extensive clinical experience, she also has an academic background that includes her registered nursing degree from Southwestern Community College, bachelor of science degree from the University of Iowa, master of science in nursing with specialization in education from the University of Phoenix, and a health-coach certificate from the MacDonald Center for Obesity and Prevention Education. McCann obtained her certificate of family nurse practitioner from Clarkson College in 2014.

McCann’s combination of clinical education and experience, as well as her experience as a professor of nursing at Southwestern Community College and current role as a certified-health coach, provide a strong foundation to provide knowledgeable healthcare to her patients.

McCann is a member of the Greenfield High School Class of 1985. She and her husband, Steve, who is with the Greenfield Municipal Utilities, have three children: Shiann, 25, of West Des Moines, a dental hygienist; Jesse, 23, a special-education teacher and wrestling coach in Corning; and Evinn, who will be a junior at Nodaway Valley High School.


Courtesy of Douglas Burns, Adair County Free Press 5/27/15, The Fontanelle Observer 6/6/15, and the Daily Times Herald 5/28/15.

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