Students, Adults Learn about Local Job Opportunities at Career Fair

Panorama High School students visit with local employers at a career fair on March 8th.

Summer vacation is only two months away. For students at Panorama High School, this means that it’s time to start looking for a summer job. 

On March 8, Midwest Partnership, Iowa Workforce Development and Panorama Community Schools sponsored a career fair in the Panorama High School gym. The fair gave both students and adults a chance to learn about job openings and opportunities that are currently available in Guthrie County. 

“A lot of our businesses are looking for seasonal help,” explained Midwest Partnership Executive Director Sarah Gomez. “We thought the students would be a great resource for that.”

Approximately 20 businesses from all across the county were in attendance at the event, which was open to Panorama students in the afternoon and Guthrie County adults later that evening. 

“If the students’ parents can find jobs, then they’ll live here and keep their kids in school here,” said Gomez.

During the student portion of the career fair, students were given bingo cards with business characteristics listed on each space. The students were instructed to find employers that matched as many of the spaces as possible. 

The event proved to be especially useful for juniors and seniors, who are in the process of exploring college and career options. 

“I think it would be interesting to find something that I’m actually interested in that could help me in the future after college,” said junior Kennedy Kuta, who wants to become a speech pathologist. 

Senior Katy Bassett says she already has plans for summer work and college but still believes that career fairs are useful for students who aren’t sure what their futures hold. 

“I think for the senior class, it’s a little bit helpful, but I think it’s more helpful to the juniors and the sophomores who (don’t know what they want to do),” said Bassett, who plans to attend the University of Northern Iowa in the fall. 

Businesses also benefited from the event as they were able to speak with students and adults who are interested in filling open positions. 

“I think this is a wonderful event,” said Buena Vista University representative Kristin Jackson. “For your high school students who are undecided, they don’t know about positions until they know about positions.”

Jackson believes it’s good for students to see that there are jobs available in their hometown.


Gomez agrees, noting that it’s important to keep young people living and working in Guthrie County.

“These companies are very willing to work with the students,” said Gomez. “We hope that they can find some roots here.” 

Courtesy of Amanda Girres, Guthrie Center Times, 3/15/18

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