Renew Rural Iowa: Keeping Main Streets Viable


As we celebrate National Ag Week (and Ag Day), it’s important to see the many ways agriculture supports not just those who farm, but the many who support the production of our food and sustainability of our farms.  Did you know one in five jobs in Iowa is supported by agriculture?

We’d like to recognize Renew Rural Iowa, a program that provides mentoring and a team of entrepreneurial experts to assist business owners in making their ideas possible through one-on-one coaching and their “Journey to Your Vision” seminar.  In fact, Midwest Partnership hosted a Journey seminar late last year, and several businesses in the MWP Region have received Renew Rural Iowa’s Leader Award, including: American Athletics Inc. in Jefferson, Puck Custom Enterprises in Manning, Agri-Drain in Adair, and AMVC in Audubon,

In the past decade, the many businesses that have come to fruition thanks to the Renew Rural Iowa program have created more than $125 million in economic impact in rural Iowa statewide.

The staff at Midwest Partnership care about the sustainability of our community and can see that opportunities aren’t just grown in farm fields and livestock barns, they’re grown by bringing folks together.  Keeping our main streets viable and growing opportunities for our local economies, that’s something we can all stand behind. 

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