Regional Laborshed Study Results Are In


Midwest Partnership Economic Development in Stuart worked with Iowa Workforce Development’s Regional Research Bureau to complete a Laborshed employment study for the Western Iowa Advantage (WIAD) region.  The study examined the labor force from which WIAD area employers draw their employees and are based upon commuting patterns into the area.  The study’s results can assist businesses to better understand the size and characteristics of the area’s labor force regardless of political boundaries.

The Laborshed boundary is based on the place of residence of individuals commuting into Midwest Partnership’s area (Greene, Guthrie, Audubon, & Adair Counties) for employment.  Iowa Workforce Development surveyed employers in each county.  A confidential household telephone survey was also conducted in the identified areas.  Survey results were applied to the demographic data to determine the size of the Midwest Partnership area labor force, as well as various labor force characteristics. 

1,268 surveys were completed.  The study found the largest concentration of workers are employed within the office and administrative support; management; or education, training, and library occupational categories.  The top industries are healthcare/social services; education; wholesale & retail trade; and manufacturing.  78% of the respondents within the regions commuting area are employed.  The median wage is $15/hour or $58,500/year.  50.6% earn an hourly wage, while 39.9% earn an annual salary.

The results of each county and regional Laborshed analysis can be found at or  If you have any questions about the Laborshed workforce project, please contact Sarah Gomez at Midwest Partnership at (515)523-1262 or Katie Lippold, Iowa Workforce Development Project Manager at (515)281-3035.

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