New Way wins Canadian-firm order by customizing product and meeting deadline

Jason Curree, RE Group of Nova Scotia, Cananda; Michael Lavendar, Joe Johnson Equipment of Ontario, Cananda; John McLaughlin, CEO of Scranton Manufacturing Co. inspect custom trucks in progress.

New Way CEO and 1955 Coon Rapids graduate John McLaughlin is accustomed to manufacturing and shipping garbage trucks to customers around the globe. Last week, Canadian based RE Group representatives were in Scranton to inspect the first half of their 31-rear loader garbage truck order – one of the largest single orders in New Way’s history.

“This order is substantially bigger than our normal orders, double perhaps,” said McLaughlin who began manufacturing New Way garbage trucks in 1984.

RE Group, the waste management division of Municipal Group of Companies, based in Nova Scotia, Canada, placed the 31-truck order at the end of February. The order was placed after RE Group was awarded a new contract to collect refuse for Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM), the capital of Nova Scotia. According to RE Group Maintenance Assistant Jason Currie, this contract will increase their business by almost 30 percent.

RE Group was awarded the contract on February 15 with a start date of July 1. With such a short window of time to order and receive 31 new trucks, RE Group needed to find a refuse equipment manufacturer who could meet their needs quickly.

“We chose New Way basically because they were able to deliver. We looked at a lot of companies who could give similar products but in no way could they guarantee that they could get them done in time for the start of the contract,” said Currie who began talks with New Way in December in preparation for the new contract.

A normal order for New Way can take anywhere from 60-90 days. In order to meet the demands of the RE Group order, New Way has to cut that time in half, 30-45 days.

“Normally we don’t build a body until the truck arrives, but in this case we got ahead of the game by building the bodies first and storing them on our concrete pad outback,” said New Way VP of Sales Phil Allen, as he explained how they will be able to expedite the manufacturing process. Once the chassis arrive from Makays MACK Trucks in Canada, New Way crews will begin mounting the bodies onto the trucks. Allen expects to start mounting the bodies May 14 and have the completed garbage trucks all delivered by June 15.

With 16 of 31 bodies completed, Currie traveled to the Scranton plant last Thursday for the first time to inspect the rear loaders and check on the progress of the order.

“They are absolutely pristine and well put together. I know I’m happy, and I’ve sent pictures back to the office and received some positive feedback from my management. The confidence is there that New Way is able to provide exactly what it was that we expected,” said Currie who was accompanied by Michel Lavender, the refuse division product manager for Joe Johnson Equipment. Joe Johnson Equipment was the New Way distributor who sold the New Way trucks to the RE Group. They are a distributor and service provider of waste management equipment with locations across Canada and the northern US.

“We chose New Way for this project because the size of the body is 27 cubic yards, which is not a normal size body, it’s the sweet spot. The refuse industry standard is a 25 or 32 yard body. This one gives us extra capacity without too much extra weight. This is a niche market,” said Lavender.

“We’re not too big so we can do special orders for customers. It helps us get the business sometimes,” said Allen.

“They certainly look like they will exceed our expectations, and we are really excited to get them out on the ground and working,” said Currie.


Courtesy of Katie Mason, Coon Rapids Enterprise, 4/30/15.

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