New Way trucks available for rent


Scranton-based truck maker New Way received some free publicity in recent years when a video went viral showing one of its garbage trucks compacting a fully intact Pontiac Grand Am.

It’s probably a good bet, though, that a lease agreement with new Way specifically warns against crushing sedans.

For that, you’d have to buy.

The homegrown company this week officially unveiled a unique new initiative—FleetForce Truck Rentals—to get even more of its locally built garbage trucks on the nation’s streets.

A new, independent company, FleetForce Truck Rentals will work exclusively with New Way to offer rental options across the country, the company announced Tuesday.

“We have identified a real need in the industry for this kind of support,” Phil Allen, vice president of sales and marketing for New Way, said in a statement. “Right now, there are only two major players in refuse truck rentals, and neither one of these has a proprietary agreement with a manufacturer.

“New Way has an inventory of vehicles available, allowing us to match the customer to the right truck.”

Through FleetForce Truck Rentals, customers will be able to customize rental agreements on front loaders, large rear loaders and automated garbage trucks.

“Not only does this help streamline the entire rental process, it provides viable solutions to the fleet issues faced by every waste management company or municipality,” Allen said. “Whether it is a long-term lease, a short-term rental to fill a temporary gap in the fleet or a customer is shopping for a New Way and wants to try before they buy, we can work with them directly to outfit them with the equipment they need.”

FleetForce already has agreements with companies and municipalities in Iowa, Florida, Alabama, California and North Carolina.

New Way is a division of Scranton Manufacturing.

Its trucks can be found operating in numerous countries from the U.S. to the Middle East.


Courtesy of The Jefferson Herald, 2/19/15.

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