New Way Ford Technician Receives Elite Designation

Michael McLaughlin (left), president of McLaughlin Family Company, surprised New Way Ford employee Chris Howard with an award presentation for earning the elite designation of Senior Master Technician

New Way Ford wants to sells vehicles, of course, but they also want to provide top notch repair and maintenance service to their customers.

They are even more equipped to do so thanks to their service technician, Chris Howard, who just earned the Ford Motor Company senior master technician certification.

Howard is now one of only 514 highly skilled technicians in Ford’s Kansas City region who holds this status.

“Most dealerships don’t have even one technician, and now we have two. That is a huge accomplishment for us,” said Roger Tapps, New Way Ford’s service manager. The other senior master technician at New Way Ford is Dale Meiners.

At a surprise presentation in Howard’s honor last week, Tapps spoke extensively about Howard’s hard work and perseverance in obtaining this elite designation.

“I was looking for a technician when I found Chris changing tires at Wal-Mart over five years ago... I told him if he put in the time and hard work, good things would happen, and today is that day.”

For the last four years, Howard, 33, who lives in Carroll, has completed over 550 hours of Ford training to achieve the status of senior master technician. “(It took) many, many tests and classes down in Ankeny, and patience,” Howard said.

On November 8, Michael McLaughlin, president of McLaughlin Family Company, the holding company for New Way Ford, received confirmation that Howard not only passed the master service technician course, but obtained certification as a Chassis Master, Drivetrain Master and Engine Master.

These certifications mean Howard is able to do everything from transmission overhauls to chassis work.

“Thank you for the opportunity to do this, I could not have done it without the people here,” said Howard. “The experience and satisfaction of knowing you did a good job, there are no words that can express it.”


Courtesy of Katie Mason, Coon Rapids Enterprise, 12/8/16.

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