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Inside My Way Designs, Audubon Inside My Way Designs, Audubon

My Way Designs held their grand opening in Audubon on Tuesday, June 16. Mother-daughter duo Roxanne Hoyle and Stacie Dreyer is the team behind the business, which started as Extreme Designs nearly 10 years ago.

“We started back in 2006 with just an embroidery machine that was used to make apparel for our family business, S&R Hoyle Trucking.  As others started asking for custom work to be done, we began to realize the need for this type of business in the area,” Dreyer said.

In 2012 the pair added an engraving machine to the business and started a rapid expansion.

Dreyer stated, “Since 2012, we have added various other machines/processes to the mix, including a color printing process.  The concept of personalized gifts and apparel is something that people really seem to like.  It allows them to give others a gift that is more from the heart and different than what you find at just any store.”

As their services began to grown, so did their inventory and the need for more room, thus the idea of a retail location was born.

“We needed a central location to house all of our machines and inventory that we offer to be more efficient and organized.  And we wanted others to be able to see more of what we offer,” Dreyer noted. “By having a store, the community and shoppers can stop in and see our merchandise and work, instead of just seeing sample pictures of it on Facebook. But, I would say the main reason that we opened the business is for our customers.  We love making that special gift that will put a smile on your face or make hard times a little easier.  That personalized touch makes things that much more special and turns it into something that you will treasure for many years to come....that's why we do what we do.”

At My Way Designs, customers will find a wide variety of products, from spirit wear to support the Wheelers, to other clothing items like hats, bags, shirts and more.

Dreyer said, “We are adding new apparel and designs daily so stop in to see for yourself.  We also do custom apparel designs and orders for schools and events, so be sure to contact us for team wear for your school sports teams or any type of fundraising events.”

Right now, My Way Designs is working with the family of Caleb Deist who suffered a traumatic brain injury during a vehicle accident in April. The pair designed a custom t-shirt to help raise funds in support of Deist.

Their gift items tend to be some of their most popular creations. They offer a wide range of items from engraved glassware and cake pans to slate that can be imprinted with color photos. 

“The possibilities are really endless when it comes to engraving and personalizing with photos,” she said.  “Some of our most popular items are definitely the engraved aluminum cake pans from Nordic Ware.  They can be personalized with most any type of graphic and/or wording on the lid and come in a wide range of colors.  These are a perfect housewarming gift or just great to show off one of your favorite recipes.  Another desired item that we have done a lot of is taking a handwritten recipe, possibly one that has been in the family for many years, and engraving it into a glass cake pan or a cutting board for display.  The recipe is scanned into the computer and looks exactly the same when engraved onto the material.  Unfortunately, memorial items are also something that we see a lot of.  The loss of a loved one is such as hard time and being able to give the family a more personalized gift is another way to help them with their grieving.  We have keepsake boxes that can be personalized with color photos, pocket stones that can be engraved with the lost one's signature, various items that can be engraved with memorial sayings, etc.  We are very accommodating with anything we can do for our customers. “

The new store is located at 949 Market Street in Audubon, across from Albert the Bull. Dryer and Hoyle said that they hope to see a number of new faces, as well as loyal customers as they settle into their new surroundings and they hope customers enjoy what they find at My Way Designs.

Dreyer added, “When you stop in, plan to see a lot of samples of our work, samples of items that can be personalized and items you can purchase on the spot.  Many of the items that we do are personalized to what the customer wants, therefore, you will find many blank items in our store that we can either engrave or add a color photo to so it is customized just for you.  There are also some items that are pre-made and can be purchased while you are here.  We also carry many of the items on-hand, so some items can be completed the same day or within a short amount of time.  Others will need to be ordered but have a fairly short turn around time.”

My Way Designs is open Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Some Saturdays they will be open for seasonal hours. To learn more or to place an order call 712-588-1053.


Courtesy of Jill Christensen, Audubon County Advocate Journal, 6/26/15. 

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