Midwest Partnership Announces New Owner of Former Cargill Building in Panora


Panora, Iowa – Midwest Partnership Development Corporation (MWP), along with Iowa Area Development Group (IADG), has worked to market the former Cargill Kitchen Solutions building in Panora since its closing in 2013. With the vacant building’s sale price recently reduced last fall, the timing became right for a Washington company interested in expanding to Iowa. The facility purchase was finalized January 29th, 2016 and Nutriom, LLC now works to engineer the building to accommodate its needs, with production beginning fall of 2017.

 “Nutriom is a fascinating company with a strong potential for growth and expansion,” said Sarah Gomez, Executive Director of MWP. “Their entrepreneurial spirit is energizing; we’re thrilled to welcome Nutriom to our region.”

 Nutriom, LLC has been using its food dehydration technology since 2003 to produce unique egg products that solve otherwise serious logistic, shelf life, or storage problems. Production is currently in Lacey, WA with the liquid egg sourced from Iowa by the tanker. The company has been interested in expanding to Iowa to be closer to its raw material for quite some time and is now committed to doing so in Panora. After upgrades to the plant and equipment installation, production is projected to begin by next fall. Eventually, this new facility will house all egg processing activities. Exclusive of the real estate, the initial investment in the Panora facility is projected at $3 million.

 Panora Area Development Group (PRIDE) worked well at the community level to welcome Nutriom. “Matching the Panora site with Nutriom’s business model was a perfect fit. The combined efforts of IADG, MWP and PRIDE deserve credit for bringing Nutriom to town,” said John Rutledge, president of PRIDE. “This is a great example of how economic development investment pays off in the long run.”

 Once ready for production, Nutriom’s Panora plant will operate on three shifts per day and initially plans to hire twelve employees, including immediate hires for a plant manager and a maintenance manager. Ten more employees, including additional operators and an administrator, is expected once the plant is in full operation. The current plant in Washington employs 30 individuals and could reflect the future of the Panora plant.


 About Nutriom, LLC

 Nutriom has been developing a new food dehydration technology and marketing a line of unique products based on that technology since 2003. The Company’s innovative way of drying maintains the flavor and functionality of the original product making its Egg Crystals® the only dehydrated eggs that actually taste just like fresh eggs. There is no need to add chemicals, preservatives or any other additives to the products, Nutriom emphasizes the purity and wholesomeness of its products. Egg Crystals® are pure and 100% natural.

 Nutriom has very loyal customers due to the unique nature of its products. Once customers begin using Egg Crystals® they realize that there is no other alternative on the market anywhere in the world. The typical user is someone that needs the functionality and taste of fresh egg but is in a remote location, with high transportation costs. Also those that need the convenience of shelf stability (long shelf life, no refrigeration needed), as is the case in the military and food storage markets. Main military customers are the U.S Navy for use by the fleet, and the land forces for group rations. An important new market has also recently opened for the company in prisons’ stores, where its 2oz egg crystal package is quickly gaining volume.

 Nutriom’s crystal drying technology is superior to other existing drying technologies because it is the only one that results in a product that is indistinguishable from fresh egg in taste and functionality and can be produced at a competitive cost. The company owns the trademarks OvaEasy®, Crystal Egg®, and Egg Crystals®, which are recognized as representing a quality product in the market place.

 In 2011, Nutriom started expanding into the emergency/food storage market with almost all market participants now purchasing the company’s product. In addition, the company lately has begun sales into other niche markets such as spray bottles for egg glazing (“egg wash”) at in-store bakeries, as well as a French Toast egg mix.

 The company was recently selected by NASA for its four month experiment, conducted in Hawaii and consisting of living in an isolated capsule. The results were so outstanding as to merit an article by one of the experiment participants, which will soon appear in Lucky Peach, an upscale culinary magazine.

 Besides egg products, the company processes other raw materials into high quality dehydrated products, such as blue green algae from Klamath Lake, Oregon (a high nutrient “superfood”) as well as kale, red beet, and tomato.

 More information, including product reviews, can be found on the company’s website: www.nutriom.com

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