Kramers Named 2017 Entrepreneurs of the Year

Brad and Becky Kramer, owners and operators of Kramer's Cafe and Orient Lofts in Orient received the 2017 Entrepreneurs of the Year Award at MWP's Annual Dinner

The Entrepreneur of the Year Award recognizes entrepreneurial spirit and the substantial growth of a small business venture in our region.  Brad and Becky Kramer of Orient were recognized with the 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year Award for leading the way in revitalizing downtown Orient and filling several needs within the community.  The Kramer’s own and operate Kramer’s Café, and recently renovated a two-story commercial building that now houses Harry’s Bar and Orient Lofts, an overnight lodging and activity center operated by the Kramers. The building also provides space for Brad’s machine shop in the rear of the building.

Thanks to their efforts and successes, Orient is now a regular evening destination in southern Adair County, with capacity crowds a regular occurrence at the café, with a corresponding effect at Harry’s Bar. Orient Lofts has hosted several events, and overnight boarders are becoming more regular.

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