Groundbreaking held for investment house: Guthrie Center

Groundbreaking of Investment Home at Cameron Flats. Photo courtesy of Guthrie Center Times.

There’s no place like home, and at least one member of the Guthrie Center community that believes that was on hand for Tuesday’s groundbreaking of an investment house at Cameron Flats.

The housing development, consisting of 32 residential lots and four commercial lots situated near Guthrie Center High School and the school and city sports complex, is geared toward making the community more enticing for families and professionals.  

Located in the heart of Guthrie County, the development is 45 minutes west of the Des Moines metro and 15 miles north of I-80.

“I think today means that the town finally recognized that there are people that want to live here and want to come back here, but there is a serious lack of what our generation views as affordable housing,” said 34-year-old Eric Reinhart. “We don’t want the fixer-uppers. People expect the West Des Moines-style house and there wasn’t any of that here.”

It was Reinhart, a Guthrie Center native and lawyer at Bruner, Bruner, Reinhart & Wunschel Law Firm in town, who sparked movement in improving the housing at the city’s annual development meeting last spring.

“He said people need to do something about housing in this community and need to do it now,” recalled Barry Monaghan, chief development officer at Guthrie County State Bank, who spoke at Tuesday’s groundbreaking.

Roger Underwood, who was at that development meeting, went to bed that night and woke with an idea to find 20 investors to each write a check for $5,000 in helping take a risk and build a house at Cameron Flats. There were no guarantees with what would happen with that money.

“We were hoping for 20 members interested in providing that money; we found 30,” Monaghan said.

Cameron Flats was developed by the Guthrie Center Municipal Utilities Board.

“They stepped up and took a risk, and without them this project could not have ever gotten off the ground, Monaghan said.

City Administrator Laura Imerman echoed that statement.

“We really need to give good due to the utility board,” Imerman said. “They answered the call. And the amazing thing is, you get a little bit of activity and the phone starts ringing.”

Ground was broken on the site of the Cameron Flats investment house Tuesday in attendance of a number of key investors.

“It’s going to be great for the community and it will help our tax break once we get going,” said Guthrie Center Mayor Denny Kunkle. “It’s a beautiful area to build. Just another step that we’re taking in the last few years to make things better in Guthrie.”

Lots of Cameron Flats range in price from $22,000-$33,000. The investment house will be listed with Squires and Moylan Real Estate for $278,000. They have waived the commission fee of $16,680.

Courtesy of Ashley Schable, Guthrie Center Times 10/22/2014.

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