Greenfield Main Street Receives Technical Assistance Grant

Stacie Hull, director of Greenfield Chamber/Main Street, is pictured with Debi Durham, director of IEDA, and Michael Wagner, Main Street Iowa Coordinator.

The Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) has awarded $61,000 in technical assistance grants to 12 Main Street Iowa communities, including a $2,500 grant to Greenfield Main Street for planning for wayfinding signage. Added to the local match of $3,500, the total project would be $6,000.

The first phase of the signage needs for Greenfield was the welcome signs which are now being installed, said Stacie Hull.

The grant will go toward planning what signs are needed an where they will be placed to help encourage drivers and pedestrians to explore additional areas of the community.

People who may be walking around the square will see signs pointing them to other destinations, and signs on the highways will help direct traffic off the main thoroughfares, said Hull.

Local funds to match the grant will come partly from tourism dollars, Economic Development Corporation and the Chamber/Main Street, said Hull.

The planning will be done in a year with the implementation following in the next year, said Hull.

The technical assistance grants are for providing professional services to develop projects such as historic research, architectural and engineering services and community and business sign programs. The grants represent a total investment of over $250,000 in professional services provided to the selected communities.

The Iowa Economic Development Authority also awarded $965,500 in Main Street Iowa Challenge Grants to 14 communities around the state for brick and mortar improvement projects such as façade upgrades and restoration, upper floor rehabilitation, building stabilization and repairs and remodeled spaces for expanding downtown businesses.

The grants are administered through IEDA’s Iowa Downtown Resource Center and Main Street Iowa programs. The funding will be distributed in the form of matching grants to the selected Main Street programs. The estimated total project cost of the 14 bricks and mortar projects is over $3.7 million.

The announcements were made during a ceremony held at the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden.


Courtesy of the Adair County Free Press 12/7/16. 

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