Greene County Medical Center Included in U.S. House Bill


Jefferson Herald, June 26, 2008

U.S. Representative Tom Latham (R-Iowa 4th) announced on Wednesday that he has included $342,000 for equipment upgrades at Greene County Medical Center in a U.S. House appropriations bill.

The funding was included in a bill through the House labor, health and human services committee.  Latham expects it to be approved by the full U.S. House appropriations committee.  Latham is the only member of the Iowa congressional delegation who serves on the appropriations committee.

Latham said the funds are to be used to purchase equipment upgrades and updates necessary to provide high-quality rural health care.  They include new surgical lights, a C-arm X-ray machine, a C-arm compatible operating room table, an electrocautery machine and a laparoscopic system.

The bill that contains the funds, after it is approved by the House appropriations committee, awaits a vote by the full House of Representatives before it can be considered by the U.S. Senate and the President.

"These funds are focused on providing better health care for Iowans," said Latham.  "These upgrades will help bring advanced equipment and technology to the Greene County Medical Center and will no doubt assist our dedicated medical professionals with enhancing and saving lives of patients."

Latham said he expects to introduce legislation in the near future that will strengthen health care quality, access, and options for Americans in rural states like Iowa.  The legislation is based in large part on roundtables, meetings and listening sessions Latham has held with Iowa nurses, physicians, health care professionals and private citizens over the past year and a half, he said.

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