Governor expresses support at CR/T tour

Gov. Terry Branstad and Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds look on as Tim Foster points out features of the ink-manufacturing process at CR/T, Quad/Graphics in Greenfield. Photo courtesy of Adair County Free Press

Gov. Terry Branstad commended officials of CR/T, a Quad/Graphics Company in Greenfield, for their dedication to safety following a tour of the ink-producing plant Friday.

Gov. Branstad and Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds, along with Iowa Rep. Clel Baudler of Greenfield and local dignitaries were invited on the tour.

Tim Foster, CR/T Graduer operations manager, and Renee Schwartz, department manager, welcomed visitors and led the tours.

The Greenfield plant has 11 employees that produce 25 million pounds, or 5.5 million gallons, of printing ink each year, said Foster.

Twelve years ago, the plant “did half as much with two times the employees,” said Foster. “We have become that much more efficient.”

Gov. Branstad asked, “What issues can we help with, regulatory or tax-wise?”

“We’ve been very fortunate,” said Foster, citing a good working relationship with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Natural Resources. “They know how we do things here,” he said.

Foster also said he has noticed a definite improvement in the taxes. “It’s a lot better now,” he said.

Gov. Branstad said industries will see another tax reduction next year and that tax credits are available.

“We looked at taxes at the corporate level and couldn’t do much (to lower them),” said Foster, adding that Iowa taxes are comparatively low. He said Adair County’s taxes are also lower than some nearby counties.

The Greenfield plant opened in 1980 and sent out its first shipment of ink in March 1981 to Meredith-Burda, which was part owner of the plant at the time.

In January 2003, after having been closed in 2002, the plant was purchased by Quad Graphics, a company with 25,000 employees in 72 printing locations, including one in Waukee. 

The 45,000-square-foot facility features a group of buildings.

Quad Graphics prints a variety of products including magazines and advertising inserts.

The company has seen tremendous growth in the last five years, said Foster. 

And that has been “good for Greenfield,” he said.

Following the tour of CR/T, Gov. Branstad and Lt. Gov. Reynolds visited with those attending.

“We are glad to be here,” he said. He mentioned supporting  the passage of the gasoline tax to raise funds for infrastructure and other initiatives supported by the administration such as Iowa Next (which addresses quality of life), workforce initiatives and an anti-bullying bill.

He noted that a balance budget had been passed but that farm income is expected to come in over 30 percent lower than anticipated and that State revenues are now expected to come in $100 million below budget.

Gov. Branstad said he has previously visited Schildberg’s, Cardinal glass plant, Hotel Greenfield and the Iowa Aviation Museum in Greenfield.

He said he and the lieutenant governor are committed to visiting every county each year. “It is an Iowa tradition,” he said, adding that the state’s senators have also had such a commitment. “It’s the best way to know what the issues are and what people think.”


Courtesy of Tammy Pearson, Adair County Free Press, 3/4/15.

Governor Branstad Adair County Kim Reynolds Greenfield tour CR/T Quad Graphics

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