Couple Purchases car wash, storage units

Chris and Tracy Baudler have purchased the Wash House car wash and the Storehouse storage units from Kay and Brad Bax. Photo by Sandy McCurdy, Fontanelle Observer.

The Wash House and the Storehouse have been owned by Brad and Kaye Bax for years — the car wash for 20 years and the Storehouse since it was built sometime after 2004. But not anymore.

Chris and Tracy Baudler have purchased the businesses from the Baxes, but nothing is changing. The transfer came about as Bax and Baudler were visiting while on a hunting trip. After discussing the idea with Tracy, Chris asked if the offer was serious. It was, and the businesses have changed hands. “This is something we could do,” he said.

The business is a side for the Baudlers. Chris is owner/operator of Baudler Plumbing and Heating with son Daniel. Tracy works at Cardinal Glass in Greenfield.

The only change being considered is the possibility of hiring someone to wash cars for those who are unable to do it themselves, maybe one day a week.

Storage units can be rented. A 5x10 unit is $20, 10x10 is $30 and a 10x20 is $45, per month, plus tax. It will still cost $1.75 to start the car wash, with time being added with each quarter. Or, one can purchase tokens at the Fontanelle Drug or Titan Machinery in Greenfield. One token is worth $1.75; purchase prices are six for $10, or 10 for $15.


Courtesy of Sandy McCurdy, Fontanelle Observer, 4/22/15.

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