Audubon's Rose Theatre Making Progress

The front of the Rose Theater in Audubon is stripped as renovations continue both inside and out. The marquee was removed last fall along with the doors to accommodate equipment needed inside.

What started as an idea over a year ago continues to move forward making steps to become a reality for residents of Audubon and a group of volunteer citizens who call themselves The Audubon Community Cinema group.

The group has been working for almost a year raising funds, gutting and rebuilding the 100-year-old movie theater building, The Rose, to bring movie-going back to the community.

Progress continues mainly on the interior of the structure currently. In less than a year the building has been given a new roof and has been gutted down to the rafters, concrete floors and brick walls interiorly. Currently the walls are being insulated and a new electrical system will be installed along with heating and cooling system and the ductwork.

The original lobby area has been removed and new restrooms, concessions, ticket area and a second-floor projection room will be built as progress continues.

The list of projects to rebuild the theater is a long one but committee volunteers are positive about the progress, with a majority of the work being done by volunteers.

The group has been busy the past year fundraising and writing grants to help pay for the project along with physically working on the building. Donations for the project continue to roll in helping finance the project, but continued funding is needed and a donations are welcome.

The Audubon Community Cinema group hopes that 2017 will be the year that local moviegoers will be able to once again enjoy a rebuilt, modern movie theater as work and funding continues to progress.


Courtesy of the Carroll Daily Times, 1/16/17.

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