Adair County Supervisors hear Midwest Partnership report

Sarah Gomez, Executive Director of Midwest Partnership Sarah Gomez, Executive Director of Midwest Partnership

The Adair County Board of Supervisors met in regular session on Wednesday, June 24, with the annual report from Sara Gomez of Midwest Partnership.

She formerly introduced herself, saying that she has been with Midwest Partnership for six years but is new to the executive position. Greenfield Chamber/Main Street director Stacie Hull was in attendance, as she is on the Midwest Partnership board as is Supervisor Matt Wedemeyer.

Gomez said that the top three challenges for Midwest Partnership are the work force, housing and the lack of dining and restaurants in the area. To attract business to the area, there have been trade shows attended. There is now a new website for small business owners and entrepreneurs. There will be a leadership program for up to 50 people, which will have community leaders work with 10-12 people to become leaders in their community.

As far as the workforce, there is a shortage of workers, Midwest Partnership is trying to work with the schools and businesses, having fifth graders tour businesses to see what is locally going on, in an effort to keep them from making their future plans to leave the area.

One main struggle with the work force is that people want jobs but don’t stick with them.

Courtesy of Sandy McCurdy, Adair County Free Press 7/1/15 and the Fontanelle Observer 7/1/15.

Midwest Partnership annual report Sarah Gomez Adair County Adair County Supervisors

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