Adair County Cattle Industry Adds $31 Million Economic Impact


Adair County Free Press, May 21, 2008

The Iowa Cattlemen's Association has information about the cattle industry in Adair County.  The following figures prove that cattle feeding is valuable as a value-added industry that used feed grain production of the region.

The total number of cattle marketed in Adair County is 38,633 animals.  These production numbers represent about 1.3 percent of Iowa's total number of cattle marketed.  These cattle numbers translate to $24 million of cattle production.

Total employment associated with the cattle industry including meatpacking and all secondary off-farm employment is estimated at 669 jobs.  Overall, an estimated 165 jobs are directly associated with cattle production and another 125 are jobs indirectly linked to other agricultural sectors.

The total income impacts associated with the Adair County cattle industry are distributed in a pattern similar to the employment impacts.  Total income, including wage and salary, is estimated at $18 million.  By combining total income with all net economic activity related to the county's cattle industry , the total economic effect is an estimated $31 million.

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