ACED receives generous support from three local businesses

Pictured (L to R): Troy Wessel, Landmands Bank, Laurie Gilbert, ACED, Jason Hocker, AMVC, and Lyle Hansen, Jr., Audubon State Bank Board Member.

Three local businesses are doing their part to help Audubon grow and attract new businesses and residents, by supporting the efforts of the Audubon County Economic Development (ACED). Laurie Gilbert with the ACED stated,  “We gratefully acknowledge the generous support we received from AMVC, Audubon State Bank and Landmands Bank. Each of these organizations contributed $10,000 per year for the past four years and have pledged again for 2017. These funds, which totaled $30,000, are being used as housing initiatives in Audubon.” 

Through the ACED and with the generosity of these donors, the community of Audubon has been able to carry out several housing projects.

Troy Wessel, ACED President said, “The goal with this particular fund and the other housing initiatives we have in place through ACED is to support the overall housing sector. That may mean we are constructing duplexes or triplexes, or supporting the teardown of properties that are no longer inhabited and cannot efficiently be rehabilitated. We have several programs in place. The funds established by the AMVC, ASB , and Landmands are typically used to purchase and prepare lots with the goal of making larger more desirable lots available for construction. In the case of the newer Tracy Street project, ACED utilized the property to complete five housing units. As with all the past duplex projects, the units were all spoken for prior to completion. That speaks to the market’s demand and to the attractiveness of the design being completed. In the cases where the new owners were moving from an existing property, the ripple effect of making the home they were leaving, available to the market allows for different types of homes available. We’ve found that this process has been successful in supporting housing in many ways.”

With the success they’ve seen with the housing projects, Gilbert noted, “We’d like to encourage the other communities in Audubon County to consider similar programs. For additional information, please contact Troy Wessel, ACED president, Brett Irlmeier, ACED treasurer or Lyle Hansen, Jr., ACED Director. 


Courtesy of Jill Christensen, Audubon County Advocate Journal 12/23/16.

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