$20,000 Grant to City of Adair


The DNR Derelict Building Grant Program will award grants to 22 small, rural Iowa communities to help deconstruct or renovate abandoned structures, remove asbestos and limit construction and demolition materials going to the landfill.

The program was instituted by statute to help rural communities with populations of 5,000 or less. Funding is awarded annually on a competitive basis with cash matches required.

The City of Adair was awarded $20,000 to complete mothball and renovation activities on an abandoned commercial building at 321 Audubon St., including roof and floor stabilization, exterior tuck-pointing and installation of temporary internal air ventilation to prevent further moisture damage inside the building. These measures will provide time for the city to decide what to do with the building in the future by securing the building envelope and preventing environmental deterioration.


Courtesy of The Adair News 5/28/15.

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