Audubon City Council to hold hearing on annexation property for planned truck stop

Possible Audubon City Council annexation for planned truck stop Possible Audubon City Council annexation for planned truck stop

The Audubon City Council approved a hearing on an application for voluntary annexation for a property that owners plan to build a truck stop on. The property, located at 2079 Highway 71 - just north of the cemetery and west of the airport - is owned by Lawrence Handlos.

The special hearing will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 27.

During the September Audubon City Council meeting, council members learned that a full service truck stop including gas and diesel services, a convenience store with fast food, a 24/7 cafe, 30-room hotel and more was proposed for the south edge of Audubon.

John Anderson, one of the company's managers, said the truck stop "is a start up company whose management perceived a growing demand for agricultural and commercial vehicle services within the Audubon County area."

"Our goal," he said, "would be to provide competitive fuel prices against major city markets in the region and serving quality food and services on a 24/7 basis."
Council member John Whetzal asked if the annexation of the property went through, if the city would be obligated to provide city water and services to the property. The question would be referred to City Attorney Dave Wiederstein.
Anderson had said the company wanted the property to be annexed to make city water and sewer services available. He said that the company would employ about 50 people.


Courtesy of Laura Bacon, Audubon County Advocate Journal 10/14/15.

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